Why Vend Box is Different


The 46" capacitive touchscreen displays 3D models of the products, targeted advertisements, videos, games... it's all up to you!


The Vend Box connects to the internet, allowing you to manage one or multiple units through our cloud-based platform.


The Vend Box is a great opportunity for business owners, office managers, and property managers. Make people happy while turning a profit!

About The Vend Box

It’s interactive.

It’s engaging.

It brings new excitement to the old-fashioned vending machine.

The Vend Box does more than dispense snacks — it’s a cutting-edge marketing platform and profit powerhouse!

The Vend Box is available in two colorful wrap designs — or we can customize a wrap for your specific needs!

The Vending Machine for a Millennial Audience

Meet The Vend Box

Learn more about how vending can work for you!
Vend Box Features

Vending Machines for Profit

Many entrepreneurs are attracted to the vending machine industry, and for good reason. The idea of a profit-generating device that requires very little maintenance and overhead is, itself, very compelling. In addition, vending machines are Read more…

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